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Polyclone signs MoU with PSG Institute of Advanced Studies
Polyclone signs MoU with PSG Institute of Advanced Studies for cooperation in nanotechnology applications... read more

Significance of enzyme engineering in life science industry
Mr. Naveen Kulkarni, CEO, Polyclone Bioservices, speaks about how the engineering of enzymes is leading to advances in the life... read more

Nanotechnology brings new openings to stem cell R&D
Polyclone Bioservices is working on application of nanotechnology in stem cell therapy. Naveen Kulkarni, CEO and Founder... read more

CEO Update
Naveen Kulkarni

Dear Colleague,
Today, it is the time of convergence. Technologies from different faculties of science, communication and medicine are converging to provide better healthcare and lifestyle. The impact of this convergence is felt across businesses and individuals as we see it on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. While we at Polyclone set our journey to understand this better we realized that our learning is worth sharing with our peers and this has resulted in some of our offerings to help improve better business outcomes for our customers and partners. I will be happy to receive your feedback and inputs to make this sharing a better experience. So please read on and let me know your thoughts.

This edition of 'AT Polyclone' features:

Enzyme Engineering
Stem Cell Therapy
Custom Peptide Synthesis

Trends in Enzyme Engineering
by Pravin Paul

The global enzyme market is expected to reach US$3.74 billion by the year 2015. To a large extent this market will be governed by the Designer Enzymes mimicking evolution on a laboratory timescale. Apparently,a good candidate enzyme must possess better half-life, utilize unnatural substrates and retain activity under extreme process conditions ... read more

Challenges in Adult Stem Cell Therapy
by Vasanthi Palanivel

One of the fastest growing areas in the medical science for degenerative disorders is adult stem cell therapy (ASCT). Although much of ASCT is still experimental, researchers have found the treatments promising for many diseases. Bone marrow stem cells, for example, are used to replace blood cells in people suffering from leukemia and other cancers...read more

Custom Peptide Synthesis - Customer Insights
by Michael Steinwand

Peptides as the rapeutics have steadily and radically gained prominence in the last decade. It is heartening to see the growing number of peptide molecules entering the clinical trials and even more number of peptides being tested at pre-clinical stages for diverse medical conditions in oncology, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular and infectious diseases...read more

Product Update - ePrime 4.0

Over 4 years of continuous innovation based on feedback from customers, research institutes and qPCR technology companies has come to fruition! ePrime 4.0 is powered by a combination of molecular biology and thermodynamics insights to facilitate stringent primer and probe design with assay specific controls to greatly increase the rate of success in the lab.
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Comprehensive peptide analysis & design tool

qPCR primer & probe design tool

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