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P olyclone has evolved from an innovative service provider to the bio-pharma industry to becoming a high value innovation partner by having a strong commitment to Research and Innovation aimed at bio-pharma & healthcare industries. We were one of the first university based life sciences start-ups to be recognized as an R&D unit by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India). This has led to the development of world class products like ePrime, ePep and the latest in the arsenal - eEF. 

Research & Innovation forms a substantive part of our business model. Our R&D team is dedicated to lead innovation and advancement in the areas of stem cell therapy and in silico protein engineering. Our team is constantly looking at ways to extend their overall knowledge and to increase our products’ capabilities.

We work at various levels of engagement with academic scientific teams, universities and industry partners to foster innovation aimed at better outcomes. As a result, we have several patents filed and many more in the pipeline. We follow an open innovation approach where we jointly share IP with our partners and leverage each others' strength.

Our areas of research are:
I. Protein Engineering Challenges:

  • Leveraging the computational biology capabilities we are constantly looking at ways of improving the scoring, selection and optimizing ways of building metrics to evaluate intramolecular energies of proteins with thousands of simulated molecules with specific amino acid weights generated by applying proprietary algorithms for introducing mutations for addressing the challenges in protein engineering.
 Polyclone R&D EEF

II. Stem cell therapy:
  • Presently we are working on strategies for developing better methods for limbal stem cell therapy and enhancing clinical outcomes for the patient

 Polyclone R&D Limbal Image 1     Polyclone R&D Limbal Image 2
Limbal biopsy with prominent palisades of Vogt   Explant culture of stem cells from limbal biopsy

We are also working on developing more effective protocols for expansion of mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord


 Polyclone R&D Limbal Image 1    Polyclone R&D Limbal Image 2
Mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord 


  Colony of mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord


III. Cancer target discovery:

  • We have found a new function of a very well known but less studied protein with a potential of being a Cancer target with indication in several types of cancers
 Polyclone R&D RBP
RNA molecule bound to the light chain of protein of interest

The research carried out by our cross-disciplinary team has helped us explore new health frontiers, both in our focus areas – such as Ophthalmology and Oncology – and to address specific needs of patients with 'no-option’ disorders and diseases where stem cell therapy offers hope.

For further details, please contact our Business Development team.