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e Pep enables custom peptide synthesis companies to enhance their customer engagement by offering intuitive peptide design & analysis on their website. Through ePep, custom peptide synthesis companies can showcase their expertise to their customers and enable them to analyze and order through their website.

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e Pep is a web-based tool that helps determine an exhaustive set of physico-chemical properties for an input protein or peptide sequence. ePep helps calculate more than 35 properties of proteins and peptides for a thorough analysis of the given sequence.

ePep features

  • Standard & Non-standard modifications
  • Isotope additions
  • Comprehensive physico-chemical properties calculation
  • Antigenicity, Hydrophobicity & Hydrophilicity plots
  • Secondary structure prediction
  • Trans-membrane region prediction
  • Surface & Flexibility properties

S cientist friendly

  • Supports both single-letter and three-letter amino acid codes
  • Categorizes output for easy & logical interpretation
  • Eliminates junk characters in input data and retains only relevant data
  • Self-explanatory “i” button provides scientific & reference info on each of the properties and predictions
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A ccurate primer design is the critical factor for success in real-time PCR experiments.

ePrime is a desktop application, powered by a combination of molecular biology and thermodynamics insights, that helps design stringent PCR & qPCR primers with assay specific control to greatly increase the rate of success in the lab.

Polyclone eprime brouchure Download

e Prime enables you to

  • Design primers for conventional and real time PCR (SYBR® Green, TaqMan® and Molecular Beacon)
  • Identify restriction enzyme digestion sites
  • Directly input Gene Id/ Accession Nos.
  • Modify design parameters as per assay
  • Seamlessly link to BLAST and secondary structure analysis
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