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W e continuously seek to partner with companies with innovative technology, platforms and solutions to jointly address research challenges and customer needs.

Our innovative partner program provides a framework for successful collaboration. Our framework has been defined to get the best out of every engagement and create a win-win collaboration

The following are the models for engagement:

Customer Partner model
Engaging with customers early-on in our product-life cycle (typically beta stage) to make them a part of the product’s development process and success while sharing the rewards with them.

Research Partner
Collaboration for development of mutually beneficial technologies for specific applications

Co-development Partnership
Invest in Polyclone's in-house IP development

Solution Partner
Jointly provide solutions to the customer

What Our Partners Say

The sessions were very intuitive and informative. It is a privilege to have Polyclone as our industry partner. With you we can ensure the best for our students. We would like to have more sessions in near future. Vivek Chandramohan - Department of Biotechnology, SIT - Tumkur


          CalAsia Pharmaceuticals

Predicitive Research - B Patil                                                                   



We are actively seeking for like-minded companies and research institutions who would like to partner with us to leverage our mutual capabilities. We are looking for partners in the areas of molecular biology, cell biology, metabolomics, assay development, target & biomarker discovery for joint proposals and product co-development.